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Farm Bureau Agriculture Pavilion

Date: Sept 01 - Sept 06, 2021
The AG Pavilion is an educational exhibit that gives adults and children the opportunity to explore Idaho agriculture thru our displays. The AG Pavilion will include many aspects of the agricultural industry and how it impacts our lives every day.

In the Magic Valley, agriculture and food processing account for approximately 75% of the total revenue generated and has a significant impact on the local economy. Several commodities grown in the Magic Valley contribute to the high national ranking for the state of Idaho. The top commodities include trout, potatoes, barley, sugar beets, edible beans, dairy and beef. Other commodities that have a significant impact on the local economy include pork, lamb, wheat, corn, and alfalfa.

Exhibits in the Ag Pavilion will be educational and fun for the whole family. Stop in and enjoy your time exploring the many aspects of agriculture!

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3:00 & 5:00 p.m.

2021 Presentation Schedule

Friday, September 3
2 p.m.
Technology in Pest Abatement
Come see how drones are used to control biting pests such as mosquitoes and black flies. Biting pests cost livestock producers thousands of dollars annually in lost gain or production. Reaching the water bodies where these pests breed can be difficult, but drones are making a difference.
Presenter: Brian Simper, Director of the Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District

4 p.m.
Day in the Life of a Dairy Cow
Have you ever wondered what a cow does all day? In this presentation, you will take a walk with us through a day in the life of a dairy cow.
Presenter: Alicia Easterday, Dairy West

Saturday, September 4
2 p.m.

4 p.m.
Mental Health: Don’t take it personal
We will be discussing the cold, hard facts about Mental Health in rural America. The prevalence of rural mental health conditions, and resources that we have in the Magic Valley for mental health concerns.
Presenter: J.J. Shawver, Business Development Director of Embrace Life Recovery Center

Sunday, September 5
2 p.m.
A to Z Sheep Wool to Garment
Learn how raw wool from sheep is carted, spun, dyed, and made into garments and other products.
Presenter: Liz McCabe, Local Sheep Producer

4 p.m.
Transitioning in and Transitioning out: Succession Planning for all Generations
Learn some helpful tips and tools to start succession planning process. If you are the new/beginning producer or trying to retire, there will be information for all generations. Some of the topics covered will be communication, financial planning, and building a team of professionals.
Presenter: Ashlee Westerhold, Area Extension Economist, Twin Falls R&E Center

Monday, September 6
2 p.m.
Water Conservation: How to Conserve, but still look great!
Water conservation is a hot topic when you live in a desert, particularly this year where we are hot and dry. Learn how you can conserve water in the landscape and garden, but still have an amazing landscape, plus helping pollinators also.
Presenter: Andy West, U of I Extension Educator/Horticulture

4 p.m.
ATV Safety
Basic ATV safety: helmets, eye safety, gear & clothing. Size of machine vs. size and age of youth.
Presenter: Tina Miller, U of I Extension/4-H

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