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Michael Mezmer: "America's Award Winning Comedic Hypnotist" 1st Show

Date: Aug 30 - Sept 04, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Michael Mezmer’s TRANCE-NOSIS comedy hypnosis show is an exciting, high energy presentation that is absolutely fascinating entertainment. Michael combines the sensational with human interest, producing a show that will entertain the entire family.
Michael has toured throughout the U.S., the Orient, and Canada performing before millions with standing room only crowds. Michael has appeared at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flag’s, and Knott’s Amusement Park, Las Vegas, and on national television.
Michael’s hilarious TRANCE-NOSIS show has received both public and critical acclaim. Named a “Top Professional” by the entertainment director of Universal Studios Hollywood, and “One of the World’s Top Hypnotists” by N.B.C. T.V., Michael is a highly respected professional in the entertainment industry.
Michael will never embarrass audience members participating in his show, but rather helps them to become stars of the show. TRANCE-NOSIS features 18 different themed shows and is devoted entirely to audience participation, so every performance is spontaneous and unique. Audience participants perform a variety of entertaining routines from driving imaginary Harley Davidson motorcycles, dancing the River dance, and river rafting down rapids.
Michael holds a degree in Psychology from California Coast University and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. For his work as a guest lecturer and headline entertainer at the International Hypnotherapy Conference, Michael has received an unprecedented ten “Special Recognition” awards for “Outstanding Professional Presentation” from the prestigious American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
Michael has distinguished himself both as a hypnotist and entertainer, receiving numerous accolades, including “Special Award’s” from the Rocky Mountain Fairs Association and Western Fairs Association. For entertaining the military Michael received a “Special Medal of Commendation” from General Brian Arnold Commander of America’s Space and Missile Systems.
Presenting the art of hypnosis in an original, theatrical, fun, and exciting way are the hallmarks of the Mezmer TRANCE-NOSIS stage experience. Michael is a fantastic showman and entertainer who presents a “must see” show unlike any others in his field.
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