Ninja Nation Challenge Entry Form

Contestants for the Ninja Nation Challenge Show but submit this entry form, sign the consent form and pay their entry fees.
Two Age Divisions:
  • 13 to 17
  • 18 & older
The Entry Fee is $15.00

In addition to the completed information below, you will need to follow the link below to the mandatory waiver

Personal Information

Age Division

Ninja Nation Competition Rules: Side by Side
• Competitors must wear closed-toe athletic shoes.
• Chalk is allowed.
• Competitors must start with both feet on the starting platform.
• When given the signal by the designated race initiator, the competitors can go!
• Indirect contact is allowed.
• Cutting off the other competitor is allowed.
• No intentional pushing, hitting, or other act that may be deemed illegal by the head judge is allowed.
• Competitors must complete the obstacle course as designed.
• It is the competitor’s responsibility to understand the course rules. If he/she does not understand the rules it is their responsibility to ask before the race.
• The competitor that reaches the finish button first, wins.
• If a competitor does not follow the rules, the head judge may disqualify a competitor or declare another race is needed to determine a winner.
• The head judge reserves the right to alter the competition rules at any time during the competition.
• All head judge decisions are final.

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